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You’re Worth More Than Gold

A letter to all of those that read my posts:

Hello everyone!
I would just like to take a moment and tell you all something.
To me you are beautiful, talented, smart and definitely worth more than gold.
I know that everyone faces some sort of rough patch in their life. I did. I endured bullies and thought I was ugly at one point. But then I had found out that I am loved and started to acknowledge that beauty truly lies within.
Whatever you are going through, just remember to stay strong. To keep your head up. Don’t get caught up in the whole popularity race and don’t get so caught up in trying to fit in.
You are born to stand out. Born to be unique. Born to be you.
Just remember that there are people out there who care about you and want to see you succeed in life.
I want to see your beautiful faces when I travel the country and overseas. I want to see you succeed in life.
To me you are worth more than gold.

Loni Nicole

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My Faith Is In…My Love is in…

My faith is in God.
My love is in God.
However, my faith does not lie in Christianity, Muslim, Catholicism, Pagan, Buddhism, or any other religion.
My friendship with God is amazing.
My trust is in God.
I have many friends in many different religions, and I love each and everyone of them.
However, I believe I don’t need a religion to justify my love and friendship with God. And I don’t need scientology to tell me that there is no such thing as a God.
I have gone to church camp and I have been baptized.
And I have sinned since my baptism.
I’m not perfect and God knows that.
My friendship with God is not like everyone else’s relationship with him.
I don’t label myself with a religion, for that is not who I am.
I am a spiritual person.
I believe that God loves us all unconditionally. No matter what religion, race, gender, sexuality that we are, he loves us.
In today’s society, there are extremists from every religion who use their religion to justify their causes. The Taliban misuses the Islamic religion. The Westboro Baptist Church misuses Christianity for their causes. All religions have become more corrupt since the turn of the century back in the 1900’s, and to be honest it is getting out of hand.
For years, back in ancient Alexandria, every religion got along. Christians, Jews, Pagans; all of the religions got along. But then, they all began to get corrupted by greed and power. And that is what is happening today. Do not misuse a religion and twist the words from the books you read.
I have read the bible, Quran, and many other religious texts and there are many ways a person can interpret it.
In my family, there are plenty of extremists from the Christianity side and also the Judaism side. And I rarely ever talk to them because of what they are doing.
I believe in God. I believe that there are other life species on other planets, trust me, there’s no reason for us to be the only planet in the entire galaxy to have human life. I believe God gave us people with unique gifts. God is a magnificent person that created everyone individually.
So as I said before…
My faith is in God.
My love is in God.
My friendship is in God.
My trust is in God.
But my faith, love, friendship, trust is Not in religion.

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Put That Phone Away

Alright, our society as a whole has lost its way of communicating to one another.
Smartphones are overtaking our socializing abilities.
When I am with someone, I expect full attention on the conversation.
The last time I was on a date, he was on his smartphone the entire time. Rude. That was rude.
And when I am with my friends, they are always taking pictures, more specifically the pictures called, “selfies”. Just to clarify, I don’t know a whole lot about the text lingo. I actually have to pull up google because that’s the only place that will have that information.
Whenever I am spending time with my family, we put our phones away and spend actual time together. We will play games, watch movies, joke around, cook some food, or other activities.
This just bears mentioning, when I was 9 years old, I didn’t have a cellphone. I read books, played the nintendo 64, played outside, used my imagination. Nowadays, I see a 9 year old with cellphone, a 9 year old. Little kids should not have cellphones. My first cell phone was when I was 15 and I was heading to Washington D.C. for a trip. It was one of those tracfones. I never really used it, unless to get a hold of my parents to let them know that I was going to a friends house or practice.
Now I use my phone for taking photos of nature, and odd things that I find beautiful. I also use my phone to call my family and friends, yes I call. I don’t like texting. It is impersonal. But sometimes, I end up texting because that is how some people end up getting a hold of me.
Here is a piece of advice: Put that phone down when you are with your friends and family. And when you are on a date, put that phone away!

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Education is Important

Growing up, I loved going to school. Despite dealing with the bullies, I loved going there. Why? The reason is because I got to stay inside the library and learn so many different things. I’ve read about every religion known to man. I’ve read about different eras and was intrigued by what I was reading. And as soon as I got to the classroom, I sat there and was ready to learn the new lesson plan.
But sadly, there are places around the world that don’t let young girls go to school or they just don’t have the resources for the young ones to go to school.
I hear kids in America all the time saying, “I don’t want to go to school” or “school is lame”.
School is a place where you can develop a point of view, learn about the earth’s past, have social contact.
Personally, I loved school. I’m always learning something new and it expands my mind.
Don’t take school for granted. Treasure it everyday.
Keep in mind, try to help others that don’t have a chance to go to school. Get educational care packages and send them to areas that really needs the books, pencils, notebooks, calculators.
We need to shape the minds of everyone in the world.

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Beautiful You

As a woman in the 21st century, I am constantly seeing magazines and the media telling all of us that we need to lose weight, change our hair, plastic surgery or go to the tanning salon.
Everytime I see this in a magazine or portrayed in the media, I get sick to my stomach.
I have thick dark curly hair, dark features, light olive skin, stretch marks from the weight gain from when I was in high school and lost it in my early 20’s. And I will say this, I will not change myself just to fit into society’s standards of beauty. I am perfectly imperfect. And I accept myself and don’t want to change myself.
I do not want to change my boob size, nor do I want to straighten my hair. For one, straightening my hair would damage it and I love my curls. I will admit, in high school, I hated my curls so I did straighten my curls just to feel more beautiful.
Everyday I see girls and yes, some guys who change themselves so they can be perceived beautiful by society.
Hold on right there society.
I got one thing to say.
Throughout time there has been different views of what beauty is. During the Renaissance it was voluptuous women and more natural bodies that were beautiful. During the 1940’s, it was all about the hourglass figure. And during the 1960’s, it was all about the super skinny figure, Twiggy was a rolemodel during this time.
Ladies and gentleman, you are all beautiful just the way you are!

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The Perfect Body?

As of right now, there are hundreds of men and women who are on diets. Trying to achieve that perfect body. Now personally; I hate the word diet, so when I hear the word, “diet” I get sick to my stomach. I much prefer the term lifestyle.
I would like to say this, there is no such thing as the perfect body. Every body has flaws, it is all about embracing your flaws. My body is not perfect and that is okay, I earned my scars on my body and I love it.
5’4″ and weighing at 135 lbs, slight curves and small buttox. 35C bust, 28 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I have stretch marks on my hips and on my stomach. I lost 70 lbs by eating healthy and exercising; doing yoga, joga, hiking, swimming, and dancing. I had gained weight in high school due to medicine that the doctors had put me on and when I was about 21, I got off the medicine on my own and decided to get down to a weight I felt comfortable at. My weight fluctuates just like everyone else, and I’m okay with that. I have stretch marks because of the journey that I have gone through.
Like I said before, there is no such thing as the perfect body. 
All the ladies in the magazines aren’t perfect either. Most of those ladies have bigger curves or have stretch marks. The photographers end up using photoshop to cover the stretch marks and tightening the legs and stomach.
Embrace the body you have. Embrace your flaws.

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The Perfect Type?

Ladies and gentleman, let’s take a moment and talk about the “perfect type”.
Now recently, I had mentioned that I have a list that shows what I look for in my future mate. Well on that list, it is consisted of personality traits and also different things that he would probably be interested in. I know that he won’t have every personality trait on that list but he will have the key characteristics that I look for; a family man, sense of humor, loving and passionate side, can cook, has a sense of adventure, worldly.
But I don’t really have much of physical attributes on my list, which brings me to this. I was discussing with some friends what our “types” are. One guy said, “I like a tall girl with a nice butt (polite way of saying it), and blonde.” One of my girlfriends said, “I like the ripped body, kind of like Channing Tatum, and blue eyes.” As I was sitting there, listening to all of my friends talk about their types, I thought of what mine would be. Then my friends asked me, I took a moment and realized, I guess I do kind of have a type. My response was this, “an active guy, not ripped or muscles bulging out scaring me away, but a toned guy. Someone taller, with dark features, rugged, has an accent and tattoos.”
After I told them my type of guy, they went on with the conversation and I zoned out. I thought about it, there is no such thing as “the perfect type”. All the magazines at the stands, grocery stores, and convienent stores say that the “perfect type is……..”. But that’s not true. Everyone has their own type of person. There’s no perfect type. Don’t listen to the media, they are just trying to make everyone change who they are and plant the idea that there is supposedly a perfect type.