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A Time For A Change

I have seen it time and time again, people hurting other people. Quite honestly, it is a bit sickening. There is no reason to hurt another human being. No reason whatsoever. Growing up, I was bullied and picked on constantly for being different and not up to trends. I have been called a, “freak, weirdo, not human” among many other things. There was no real reason for the bullies to pick on me and to push me into depression.
I could be one of those people who constantly talks bad about them and think about getting revenge, but I am not. Instead, I show them love. Why? Why would I show someone, who ridiculed me and picked on me for years love? Because I believe in peace and love. No matter how badly I was treated, love is stronger than the bruises that I received. Love is truly what makes the world go round. Yes, it sounds clichè, but think about it. When you share love and peace with others, you create this incredible bond with one another. And that is beautiful. Everyone is going to get hurt by someone else, verbally, physically and emotionally. But in the end, you can end that cycle. End the violence that we all endure. There is no reason for any form violence to be involved in our world. Take a stand. Be the change. End bullying, murders, massacres, general..end violence.

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