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Changing the Constitution?

Since the 90’s, more specifically since the Columbine shooting, the gun rights have been a much heated debate. There are plenty of people who want to keep their guns and there are plenty of people who are against guns.
Let me clarify something… guns are not the issue. Guns are here to protect you and to also go hunting with. It is all about the person behind the gun. I’m an Independent person when it comes to politics and this is a subject where I put my opinion.
On the subject of gun control, my opinion is this… guns are used as weapons. It is more of the person holding that gun. If guns are taken away, then that unstable person will find something new to use to hurt not only them but everyone around them. A person could use a spoon..a spoon to kill a person, then all of a sudden there will be some law that says we cannot have spoons in our kitchen’s and they must be outlawed.
To sum up this entire post, I will say this; there needs to be a happy medium with gun control. Yes, people should be able to have guns but, there is a but, they need to pass a test and have a thorough background check. The mentally unstable people should not have guns because they will get out of control.

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