Motivation for Winter

When it comes to working out during the winter time, no one wants to do it. Especially when the temperature plummets to 20 degrees outside. But here are a few motivational tips and ideas for winter time workouts.

Indoor training: There are plenty of applications on your ipad that have different types of workouts from yoga to HIIT interval workouts. There are also workout dvd’s, especially ones from Jillian Michaels.

Layer Up:
Always layer up during the winter. Try to only keep your eyes uncovered (so you can see).

Treat Yourself: Once you are done with your workout in the cold weather, have a treat ready for you at home. It can be a savory recipe, a movie or even a nice hot cup of coffee.

New Music: Revamp your mp3 list. Get some new music for your jogs and workouts. It makes things more exciting.

Always have fun with your workouts, especially during the winter time. After my intense workouts in the winter time I get a glass of wine, a book or puzzle and relax.

Keep in mind: It takes 4 weeks for you to see the changes, 8 weeks for your friends and family to see, and 12 weeks for the rest world.

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