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Classy and Sassy or Sexy and Easy?

Ladies, I want to talk to you for a few minutes. I’ve noticed a lot of the ladies are complaining about guys whistling at them, catcalling, and grabbing their butts. Now, everytime that I hear this from another lady, I look at what they are wearing. For the most part, they are wearing short shorts and a tight tank top. Other times, they are just wearing clothes that highlight their curves and show off their body in a more modest way.
Now, I am going to say this. I’m perfectly fine with someone showing their creativity with their clothing. Showing their personality. That’s great. Show your personality. Show who you are, that’s what fashion is for. But do it in a more classy way. Highlight your curves in a more modest way. Guys want a more classy and sassy lady. The guys do want a woman who shows her sexual side, but in a more classy way. Think of Audrey Hephburn or Dita Von Teese. These two ladies are classy yet sexy at the same time. They both show their personalities through their clothes.
Ladies, try to be more classy and sassy with your own fashion style. Always leave something to the imagination.

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