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End labeling

Let’s put an end to labeling everything. Everyone is labeling everything from the eating lifestyles to sexual orientation to races. In America, there’s a label for everything. A person can be gay, Asian-American or even vegan. And to me, that’s just insane. For the most part I am either consider Native American, Italian American, or Israeli American. And I just look at them with a weird look. I don’t understand why I have to be labeled. Yes, I am Native American and of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent but I don’t need to have a label to describe who I am. I will tell you who I am. I am a citizen of the universe. I am a human being. I don’t need labels to define me. And I don’t need some label to state what I believe in. I’m spiritual, I leave it at that. Yes, I believe in God. But I also believe in the ancient religions from Hellenic to Buddhism. Putting labels on everything has become insane.
Don’t let others label you. Let’s end labeling right now. For the sake of our society, end labeling and finally just become one.

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