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End Poaching

All around the world there are hundreds of species that are going extinct due to poachers hunting them down for money. Let me clarify this once and for all, I’m not a big fan of hunting but I’m not fully against it. I understand that some people need to have meat in their system, it is just part of nature. But when it comes to poachers s, I am fully against them with a passion. Poachers are just thinking about the money and obtaining that fur or skin from animal.
As an animal activist, my job is to protect animals around the world. And I want to see the animal kingdom thrive and be able to live out their days on earth. I don’t want the animals to be afraid of us and always be on alert. They should be able to run free and procreate to let their species grow.
I’m getting sick and tired of seeing pictures of poachers with animal at their feet and winning some sort of cash prize.
Take a stand against poachers. Don’t be afraid to protect the animal kingdom. I’m not afraid of the poachers. And I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I hope you’re not afraid to take a stand against the poachers and let them hear your voice.

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