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Just Humans?

I was recently talking to a guy friend of mine about our past failed relationships. And unfortunately, almost all of the guys that I have been in a relationship with ended up cheating on me. At the time, it was always in the beginning of the relationship, where it was starting to get more intimate. I wouldn’t put out, because I wanted to wait longer and see where the relationship would lead to. Since I wouldn’t put out, the guys would end up cheating on me.
As my friend and I were talking more and more about it, he decided to say “we are just guys.”
We are just guys?
No. That’s no reason for someone to cheat.
Yes we are humans. Yes we make mistakes.
But when you are in a relationship, you better commit to it or leave that relationship.
Cheating is definitely not the answer.
When I’m in a relationship, I am completely loyal. I do not look at another man in a sexual way nor do I find them attractive. I focus on the relationship that I am in.
Now, I’m not saying all guys cheat. Not all do. In fact, there are plenty of women who cheat. And I’m sorry, but there’s no reason for that. If you are a nymphomaniac, then that’s great, but stay with the person you are with and have the intense sexual relationship with them.
Do not cheat on someone. There is no reason for that.
Like I said… yes, we are humans. Yes we make mistakes. But the statistics on the divorce rate is getting higher and higher. And less people are actually falling in love and staying married.
We need to get our crap together and fix our society as a whole.

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