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Utopian Society

Yes I’m a dreamer.
Yes I’m an idealist.
But I’m also a realist.
I believe in a utopian society. Where everyone, of all races, all religions and all genders come together as one. Back in ancient Alexandria, everyone coexisted. Pagans, Christians, Catholics, male and females, Egyptians, Italians among many others all coexisted.
Sue me. I want world peace. I want a utopian society where one another can finally get along.
I don’t see a reason for violence. I see it unnecessary.
That’s just my opinion, and probably there are many others who have the same vision as I do.
I envision a world where everyone comes together as one. Teach one another something new. Having billions of people actually being open-minded and not afraid of the unknown.
Now the question is, are you ready to step into the unknown, learn something new and create a peaceful place on this planet? If so, then make a change. Because just one person can make a big change.

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