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In A World of Married Couples

As a twenty three year old woman in New Mexico, I am the only person I know that is single in my group of friends.
Now, I love all of my friends and I am excited for them that they have found the love of their life at an early age, but I do worry that they might become part of the divorce statistic. So I’m always hoping and praying that they make it to the very end.
As a single woman approaching my mid-20’s, I’m constantly thinking, when will it be my turn? I don’t obsess about it, but I do worry. I worry just like everyone else, wondering where did I go wrong or am I too complicated for someone?
It would be easy to go onto Match, OkCupid, eHarmony or some other dating site and sign up. But for me, I don’t like online dating. I will admit, I tried it when I was nineteen, and after that..I will never do that again. Or it would be easy to go out on the town to the local watering hole and have some random person hit on me while I’m trying to relax, but that’s not me either. I’m the type of woman who is old school romantic. I like the simple things when meeting someone. Meeting a potential partner through a friend or meeting someone at one of my favorite places or even at an event that is for causes or cooking events ( I love food).
So, I have been single since March and to be honest I enjoy it for the most part. The reason why I enjoy being single for the most part is because I get to find out more about myself. I get to throw myself into my projects and finally get to finish them. I also get to spend a little time on improving myself and help make the world a better place. I know what I want in my future mate. I do have list, I’m extremely picky and to be honest you have to be. I want to be with someone that I am highly compatible with. Now, let’s take a minute. I know what you are thinking ” you can’t be too picky, it will never happen” or “there is no way you will ever find such a person”. Let me clarify this, I’m a realist and idealistic. I know for a fact that no one is perfect, hell, I’m not even perfect. I know this for a fact. But I know what I want in a person, and what I will no longer tolerate.
As a single person, you get to know more about who are as a person and also you get to figure out what you look for in your future mate. I still have a few things I want to do on my own before I ever meet the person I’m supposed to marry and that is alright by me.
Now for all of you single people out there in the world, don’t worry too much. There was a month where I fell into depression because of four of my friends were getting married and I was the only single one at the wedding. So don’t worry too much about being single. While you are working on projects, getting your life together, or starting to travel; try to meet new people and make friends. One of the new friends you make might be your future mate.  Take your time and make the world a bettter place, then that right person will come along.

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