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The Perfect Body?

As of right now, there are hundreds of men and women who are on diets. Trying to achieve that perfect body. Now personally; I hate the word diet, so when I hear the word, “diet” I get sick to my stomach. I much prefer the term lifestyle.
I would like to say this, there is no such thing as the perfect body. Every body has flaws, it is all about embracing your flaws. My body is not perfect and that is okay, I earned my scars on my body and I love it.
5’4″ and weighing at 135 lbs, slight curves and small buttox. 35C bust, 28 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. I have stretch marks on my hips and on my stomach. I lost 70 lbs by eating healthy and exercising; doing yoga, joga, hiking, swimming, and dancing. I had gained weight in high school due to medicine that the doctors had put me on and when I was about 21, I got off the medicine on my own and decided to get down to a weight I felt comfortable at. My weight fluctuates just like everyone else, and I’m okay with that. I have stretch marks because of the journey that I have gone through.
Like I said before, there is no such thing as the perfect body. 
All the ladies in the magazines aren’t perfect either. Most of those ladies have bigger curves or have stretch marks. The photographers end up using photoshop to cover the stretch marks and tightening the legs and stomach.
Embrace the body you have. Embrace your flaws.

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