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The Perfect Type?

Ladies and gentleman, let’s take a moment and talk about the “perfect type”.
Now recently, I had mentioned that I have a list that shows what I look for in my future mate. Well on that list, it is consisted of personality traits and also different things that he would probably be interested in. I know that he won’t have every personality trait on that list but he will have the key characteristics that I look for; a family man, sense of humor, loving and passionate side, can cook, has a sense of adventure, worldly.
But I don’t really have much of physical attributes on my list, which brings me to this. I was discussing with some friends what our “types” are. One guy said, “I like a tall girl with a nice butt (polite way of saying it), and blonde.” One of my girlfriends said, “I like the ripped body, kind of like Channing Tatum, and blue eyes.” As I was sitting there, listening to all of my friends talk about their types, I thought of what mine would be. Then my friends asked me, I took a moment and realized, I guess I do kind of have a type. My response was this, “an active guy, not ripped or muscles bulging out scaring me away, but a toned guy. Someone taller, with dark features, rugged, has an accent and tattoos.”
After I told them my type of guy, they went on with the conversation and I zoned out. I thought about it, there is no such thing as “the perfect type”. All the magazines at the stands, grocery stores, and convienent stores say that the “perfect type is……..”. But that’s not true. Everyone has their own type of person. There’s no perfect type. Don’t listen to the media, they are just trying to make everyone change who they are and plant the idea that there is supposedly a perfect type.

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