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We are all mutts

For the most part, almost all of us on this planet are mutts. Our ancestors come from all over the world and never really settled down.

Sadly, most of our society is not intrigued by where they come from and the places that our ancestors have visited and lived.

For me, I love learning more about where I come from. I’ve always been a history buff and really into the ancient civilizations. Usually, you could see me with a book about different countries and people. I love learning new things. A word to describe me would be, philosophos, which is ” lover of wisdom”. I love spreading wisdom to everyone. I want others to see the world through my eyes sometimes. In my eyes, I can go back in time in each town and city. To see how others once lived.

As I said before, everyone is a mutt. From my dad, I am Italian, Turkish, Dutch and Scottish. From my mom, I am Castillian and Pict. As you can tell, I’m a mutt. And I’m proud of it. My mediterranean side gives me light olive skin and dark features. My middle eastern side shows my passion for the spices and being Native American brings me to earth based spirituality.

I want others to sit down with their parents and learn more about where you come from. Because the journey is the best part and you are part of that journey.

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