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Education is Important

Growing up, I loved going to school. Despite dealing with the bullies, I loved going there. Why? The reason is because I got to stay inside the library and learn so many different things. I’ve read about every religion known to man. I’ve read about different eras and was intrigued by what I was reading. And as soon as I got to the classroom, I sat there and was ready to learn the new lesson plan.
But sadly, there are places around the world that don’t let young girls go to school or they just don’t have the resources for the young ones to go to school.
I hear kids in America all the time saying, “I don’t want to go to school” or “school is lame”.
School is a place where you can develop a point of view, learn about the earth’s past, have social contact.
Personally, I loved school. I’m always learning something new and it expands my mind.
Don’t take school for granted. Treasure it everyday.
Keep in mind, try to help others that don’t have a chance to go to school. Get educational care packages and send them to areas that really needs the books, pencils, notebooks, calculators.
We need to shape the minds of everyone in the world.

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