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Put That Phone Away

Alright, our society as a whole has lost its way of communicating to one another.
Smartphones are overtaking our socializing abilities.
When I am with someone, I expect full attention on the conversation.
The last time I was on a date, he was on his smartphone the entire time. Rude. That was rude.
And when I am with my friends, they are always taking pictures, more specifically the pictures called, “selfies”. Just to clarify, I don’t know a whole lot about the text lingo. I actually have to pull up google because that’s the only place that will have that information.
Whenever I am spending time with my family, we put our phones away and spend actual time together. We will play games, watch movies, joke around, cook some food, or other activities.
This just bears mentioning, when I was 9 years old, I didn’t have a cellphone. I read books, played the nintendo 64, played outside, used my imagination. Nowadays, I see a 9 year old with cellphone, a 9 year old. Little kids should not have cellphones. My first cell phone was when I was 15 and I was heading to Washington D.C. for a trip. It was one of those tracfones. I never really used it, unless to get a hold of my parents to let them know that I was going to a friends house or practice.
Now I use my phone for taking photos of nature, and odd things that I find beautiful. I also use my phone to call my family and friends, yes I call. I don’t like texting. It is impersonal. But sometimes, I end up texting because that is how some people end up getting a hold of me.
Here is a piece of advice: Put that phone down when you are with your friends and family. And when you are on a date, put that phone away!

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