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Cheating is Unacceptable

When you are in a relationship, whether it be dating, engaged or even married, you need to be faithful.
Cheating is unacceptable.
When I am in a relationship, I expect him to be loyal and not stray. But sadly, for some unknown reason his eyes tend to stray and give another lady the up and down look.
We may be humans, but honestly, it is extremely pathetic when a person decides to stray from the person that they are with.
I am extremely loyal in a relationship. And I expect that from everyone. In a relationship, I do not checkout other guys nor do I find them attractive. Because in my heart and my mind I know that it is wrong.
But apparently, our society is so ass backwards and believes that cheating is perfectly fine and everyone should do it.
No. Not in a million years should cheating be okay.
I will never cheat on someone. If that relationship is not working out, then we will work it out or the relationship will end. I will not stoop so slow just to cheat on that person.
Our society needs to reevaluate themselves and actually see what they are doing.
If you are unhappy in the relationship, you either need to work it out together or end it. Period.

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