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Counting calories around the holidays?

I have recently seen on television where there are a ton of people who are counting every single calorie that they consume. They especially do this around the holidays.
Now, this is getting out of hand. There is no reason a person needs to count every calorie.
I don’t count every calorie and I stay fit.
I also don’t overdo it.
I love food just as much as the next person, but I know my limits.
During the holidays, I eat the food I love. But I don’t eat five pounds of food.
I get the food I want, and sit down. I take my time with the food. Savor the flavors. And enjoy the meal.
When you take your time with the food and just enjoy the aroma and flavors, you actually get full faster.
You don’t need to count your calories or even go to the extremes of eating less food.
Just take your time, and enjoy what’s on your plate.

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