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Searching for the Fountain of Youth….

There are so many different types of surgeries to get rid of the wrinkles and stretch marks. There is also a variety of creams that lifts up the skin, supposedly making it look younger.
Our society is so wrapped up with trying to find the cure to stay young forever. I’ve seen women who are in their 70’s who are trying to pass as a 50 year old woman. Why? Why would you want to look younger? I wouldn’t. Not in a million years. I’m 23 but I still look 17, this is due to my genetics. And I’ve been told by older women that it is a million times better to look younger. Personally, I would rather look my age or older.
I’ve noticed that the USA is more obsessed with looking younger, and I find it sickening. Be happy with your skin. Embrace the stretch marks and wrinkles. There is nothing wrong it. I’m not caught up with the whole chase of the “fountain of youth”. I have stretch marks and I’m perfectly fine with it. In fact, I embrace the stretch marks.

Stop trying to search for the cure to look young forever. People for thousands of years have been trying to search for the fountain of youth. Personally, I think it is ludicrous and insane.

2 thoughts on “Searching for the Fountain of Youth….

  1. This is so true! I feel that youthful looks are something that’s way overvalued. I look very young as well even though I’m 23 and I’d rather look my age because I feel I don’t date as much because guys my age think I’m 16 or 17. I also want to age with grace and just accept the natural process of my body.
    I have a fashion blog if you’d like to check it out:


    1. I have the same issue when it comes to dating. I always have a hard time finding someone who won’t confuse me with looking like a teenager. Personality wise, I have been told that I act like someone in their 30’s. I will gladly accept that. But looking youthful shouldn’t be a priority in someone’s life.


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