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Just Like Us..( Save the Animals)

They walk, eat, breathe, communicate, hunt and try to survive on this planet just like every body else. I’m an activist and I am always trying to protect the animal kingdom.
Pandas, tigers, ligers, dogs, cats, meerakats, prairie dogs, snakes, among all of the other animals in the kingdom are all unique and are special. They have feelings, they talk and communicate within their groups and also between other species. They have families and groups that they live in. They are just like us humans.

For the record, I’m not against hunting. I get it, people need meat to survive. But I am fully against poachers. Poachers are just greedy and thrive off of money and power.

I’m seeing a big number of species becoming extinct and honestly it is insane. We, as a society, need to get off our butts and take action. We need to help protect the animal kingdom and make sure that they survive the next 100 years, because we have lost several different species from the Tasmanian Tigers to the dinosaurs. Make a donation, start a group, go to different countries, try to enforce laws, anything that will help save the animal kingdom will help a great deal.

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