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Materialistic and Greedy World

Our world has become so materialistic and greedy. Actually, scratch that, the USA is more materialistic and greedy than any other country in the world. I was born and raised in the USA and I have no problem saying these kind of things about the country. Now, I’ve seen women and men rampaging into the stores on black Friday and trying to get these new ipads or brand new toys for not only their children but also for themselves. I get it, everyone wants to stay updated with the new technologies and toys, but there’s a line. For example, no 3 to 15 year old should have a phone, ipad, or anything along those lines. If you have a computer or laptop, make it a family one. Kids shouldn’t have those sorts of things.

On top of all of that, don’t work just for the money. You are going to get burned out. Personally if you are just working for the money then there’s something wrong with you. Money doesn’t make the world go around. When I go to work, I don’t think about my paycheck. I actually think about helping the patients and trying to figure out how to make them feel better. Not once will I think about how much will I get paid. I feel sad for our country and other countries who always think just about money and materialistic things.

Honestly, stop being materialistic and greedy.

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