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Professional or not? (Curly hair in the workplace)

It is the 21st century and all of the major bosses of every business around the country have a strict dress code. Let’s go through the dress code requirements:
1. No dirty clothes/scrubs – Must be clean and not tattered (that’s perfectly fine).
2. Shoes must be professional and not everyday wear (again, that’s perfectly fine).
3. Hair is out of the face and clean ( that’s pretty obvious).
4. No jewelry (if you work in a hospital, airport, or any sort of job relating to those).

Those were just the main dress code rules and they seem to be very easy to follow. Now here’s the kicker; most bosses do not want an employee with curly hair. The reason being is that they seem to think that it is not professional. They would rather have you straighten your hair and damage it just for their sake.
My hair is insanely curly. Thick dark brown wavy- ringlets with natural copper highlights, that’s what my hair looks like. It is the combination of greek and jewish hair styles. It can get bigger and turn into what my friends and family call, “a jewfro”. And personally, I love my curly hair. I would never straighten it. I’ve straightened it in the past but it got damaged and that was a horrible mistake.
Now whenever I go to interviews, I always have the employer staring at my hair trying to figure out why I keep my hair like this. Then I, myself, look around and see everyone with super straight hair and not one curl framing their face. I will usually sense a pattern within the company and realize that they don’t want some curly haired person in their business.

Right now, I work at an outpatient clinic ( I will not state the name due to legal reasons), and they are perfectly fine with my insane curly hair. But not every employer will be overjoyed to see someone with curly hair coming in for an interview.
My advice, is to keep your hair natural. Do not damage it just for some employer. It isn’t worth it.

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