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I Will Not Be Seeing Mr. Grey on Valentine’s Day…


This Valentine’s Day, over a million women will be dragging their best friends or their boyfriends/girlfriends to the world premiere of the movie, “50 Shades of Grey”.
I would just like to apologize for my gender in advance. I truly am. I’ve read these books and hate them with a passion. As a writer, I was offended. There’s no creativity at all. The plot of the saga was all over the place, and a bit odd. I have a dark creative side that can be a bit kinky, but why would I want to share that with the world. That’s for me. I believe the author wanted to share her bdsm fantasies with the world, so this was the only way. Another thing, if you are going to write a pornographic book, do more research on how to write that type of subject.

I have currently heard from a few ladies, and yes some men, that Mr. Grey is a hunk of burning love. No, haha. I don’t see it at all. I know everyone has their own type of guy, but mine is not the metrosexual type. He needs to be a man’s man. The rugged, adventurous, spiritual, creative, smart, and has good hygiene. But I don’t want a man who gets manicures and pedicures…that’s just wrong in my book. Lorenzo Richelmy from Marco Polo is my type of man.

Recently, I had been reading a few articles about different things when I had come across the interview with Mr. Jamie Dornan. He had said, “He is not a real person. He is a superhero.”
No, no he is not.
There’s no way Mr. Grey is a superhero. I just don’t see it.
He’s definitely not my superhero. Mr. Dornan, please restate your comment and make it more accurate.

Finally, I would like to say; “50 Shades of Grey” is very unrealistic for anyone. It’s just a overpriced pornographic movie and that probably will ruin any relationship. I’m sorry, but if I caught my younger cousins reading this trash, I will take that book and burn it. I would tell them to read Gertrude Stein, Elif Shafak, or Nicolò Machiavelli. Those are real authors who have written stories of real subjects or even explored the fantasy world. On top of all of that, the books and soon the movie, are not good for young kids to read or watch. It puts an unrealistic expectation inside the kids mind. It shows them that being taken advantage of sexually will land you the person of your dreams. Like I said before, this movie is just an overpriced pornographic movie.

On Valentine’s Day, I am not visiting Mr. Grey. Instead I am going to watch a new movie and enjoy my time.

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