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Snowy Star filled Night Sky

In the dead of winter, as it gets colder and the snow continues to fall; you can see the stars still fill the night sky. The little shining stars peaking through the snow flurries.
Every night, no matter how cold it gets or how much snow there is on the ground, I love to stand outside in my pajamas and jacket. Why? You ask.
The reason why is due to the fact that it gives me an idea of what our ancestors got to witness. Over five hundred years ago, there was no such thing as a heater. Instead, they had a fireplace. And for the most part, the fireplace would only just keep one room warm while the rest dive into the cold winter temperatures.
Not only that, I am also fascinated by the stars. I have always loved watching the constellations in the night sky. I know almost every constellation there is. And when I was in high school, I took Astronomy. I wanted to look at the stars in the school’s small conservatory dome and learn more about them. I ended up having the best teacher of all time, and was able to pursue one of my hobbies in school while obtaining a very good grade.
Tomorrow night, when the stars have filled the sky, stand out there and just enjoy the breathtaking view. Our ancestors enjoyed the simpler things in life, as do I, and I believe that everyone can enjoy the simpler things in life and forget the technology that is taking over your home.

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