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Time To End This Once And For All

I’m getting sick and tired. Sick and tired of everyone in this country being ignorant and being prejudiced. Our country has become so corrupted and so screwed up that no one knows how to love one another and get along.
I am seeing racists posting comments on social media and everywhere else on the internet about different groups of people.
Not only that, I’m seeing another war on religion that is taking place not only on the internet, but also taking place out on the streets and on the news channels.

Really, what’s wrong with all of you? I constantly show everyone that I love them and that I will be there for them, even if I don’t know them that well. I respect everyone’s religious views and ways of living. I don’t waste my breath by tearing down someone and make their life a living hell. It’s not worth my time.

And I would like to point something out to all of you that say, “they should go back to wherever they come from”.  You have no right to say that. Not at all. Need I remind you, that you are probably not from this country originally. The only time you are considered originally from here is the fact that you are Native American. Everybody else is originally from India, Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, Russia, or any other country. My dad’s family comes from Germany, Mediterranean Sea, and Israel. My mom’s side is Native American and also comes from Spain. So only just a little part of my family is from this country. And not once have I ever said or even thought of saying that dreadful sentence to another human being.
So, for all of you who even have that sentence, “they should go back to wherever they come from” stuck in your head…get it out right now!
You have no right to say that.

Another thing I would like to add. You have no right to be racist or even sexist to another human being. The reason why I am saying this is due to the fact that everyone has a bit of a mixture in them.

I believe in a utopian society where everyone gets along. I’m always trying to improve this world by showing others how to live a better life. Yet, everyone in this country is too wrapped up in their materialistic and sheltered lives. It’s time to make a change. Time to create the much needed utopian society. It’s time to live a simpler life and care for one another.

I love each of you and I see a bright future for our world, but everyone needs to chip in and help create a better world.

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