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As An Independent

To start off, I hate labels, especially when it comes to the political world, but this is the only time I will allow being labeled.

I’m an Independent.
I believe in the Declaration of Independence.
I believe in gay rights.
I believe in a utopian society, but I am also a realist.
I believe that there should be stricter laws on gun control. Not only that, I believe that it’s not the guns fault that is committing the crimes, it’s the people who are behind the guns who cause the violent acts. The guns that are being used are just “accomplices”. A spoon could also be used to kill someone.
I’m against poachers and testing labs that put makeup and chemicals on animals.
When it comes to the political world, I have friends who are Independent, Republican, and Democrat. Yet, I don’t trust every person from each political party.
I’m not a fan of our current president. No, I’m not a racist. In fact, I didn’t even like George W. Bush as a president. But I would rather spend 3 hours of my time with our current president than with Nancy Pelosi. She is a bad person and I don’t like to be around people who have bad vibes all around them.
I’m not a religious person, I am a spiritual person. I respect everyone’s religious views and I’m open minded to hearing what everyone believes.
I have the best interests for our country. Scratch that. The best interests for our world.
I am against violent acts, but I believe that one must protect oneself from harm.
I don’t trust the government, this is due to the fact that our government is corrupted by greed and power.
I wish our healthcare system was a hundred times better. And I have a lot of plans to make our healthcare system better.
I believe that it’s time to end all of the horrible violent acts and finally get a long.
I believe in true freedom of speech and religion. I want to be able to speak the truth without being threatened to be put in jail. And want to be able to have my own spiritual views with being ridiculed and judged.
I actually know what the working man wants and needs in this economy.
At this point, I would rather live in either Canada or Greece than in this country that is becoming horrible by all of the choices that our government is making.
I have a spiritual and philosophical outlook on life which forms a new way to look at life.
I can see that history is repeating itself over and over again. I don’t understand why no one else sees it happening.

These are just a few things that I believe in and how I view our system. What are your thoughts and views?
Let’s discuss at length.

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