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Tips For Aspiring Writers


I’ve been writing short stories and poems ever since I was a kid. Not only that, I have also read over two thousand books since I was a year old. I was that odd introverted kid that always stayed in the library and always had a book in my hand. With all of the books that I’ve ever read or even written, I’ve picked up on quite a few different tricks and tips on how to write. So, without further ado here are some tips for aspiring writers.

As a writer, I love to dive right into my imagination and explore every inch of it. My imagination is basically like the gothic version of Narnia and Alice in Wonderland mixed together. I’ve always encouraged others to explore their own imaginations. It doesn’t matter what your imagination is like, just explore every inch of it and gather inspiration from it. Your imagination is the key to writing any poem, story or song.

Now let’s dive into the other tips ( in no specific order):
– Create a place in your home that is just for you to write. A table or even a desk where you can sit at and just work on your writing.
-Read a variety of books. Don’t stick to one genre. You can get inspired by a specific theme and play off on that. For example: A lot of my poems are surrounding around mythology and gothic material such as mermaids, abandon cities, and thriller mysteries.
-Go for a walk, you can find inspiration from anything you see.
-Watch the people and animals that are around you. Don’t stare at them, just kind of glance around and see the tiny details on the person or animal.
-Go to the local poetry slams and read your poetry. Ask the audience what they think of your work. It’s good to receive feedback from others.
-Don’t expect to get famous overnight just by publishing a book or poetry in the newspaper.
-Don’t write the same thing everyone else is writing about, eg. Vampires or porn (50 Shades of Grey).
-Be unique in your writing. Don’t conform when it comes to writing.

Follow these tips, and you will become successful as a writer.

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