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Role Models Are Important

In every child’s life, there should always be someone who they look up to. Someone they admire.
I have several female and male role models in my life. And I always try to be a good role model for kids.

My role models are my parents Cindy and David, my great grandpa Dan, my music mentor Prentice T. Minner and my high school math teacher Mrs. Machone, Queen Rania of Jordan and Ammachi . I look up to all of these people. They have been a big part of my life, in one way or another. My parents have given my brother and I everything, and they are great parents. I don’t know what I would do without them in my life. I love them dearly, and I would protect them with my life. My great grandpa was a fantastic man. He was just incredible. He was a man’s man. Tough and protective, but he was also very sensitive as well.
My mentor and math teacher taught me how to be confident in not only in math class but also just be confident in the business sense and musical sense.
Queen Rania is a perfect role model. She is a child and woman’s advocate in education and rights. Not only that, she’s also a great mom and wife. I personally think that she’s one of the best Queens since Queen Elizabeth I. Ammachi is an incredible spiritual leader and extremely compassionate.
All of these people have made a big impact in my life and I am grateful that I have these amazing people to look up to.

I hope I have been a good role model for kids and teens. I want to set a good example for everyone in general.

So, who do you look up to?
Do you think that you are a good role model for those around you?

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