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Heaven is Real

Recently, a lot of people have been coming out about their near death experiences and also their trips to heaven. Now, I’m not saying that heaven isn’t real. In fact, I do believe that it is real. But I believe that it exists not on a physical plane, but on a spiritual plane. A plane that we simply cannot see.

Most people believe that heaven is in the stars, others believe that it exists on all of the clouds, and there are those who believe that it exists here on earth. But whose to say who is right.  Have you ever listened carefully to any of the stories that people have shared? If you have, then you would realize that heaven is different for everyone. Heaven is supposed to be a place where a person can go and finally rest in a place that’s peaceful. So each person is going to experience heaven differently. And that goes for animals as well. Animals will experience their own version of heaven, just as we experience it differently.

Heaven is a place where we can finally rest. Finally get away from all of the corruption that is taking place on the physical plane. It’s a final resting place, unless you reincarnate into another person or into an animal. Yes, there are those who believe in reincarnation, and I’m one of them. But that’s a completely different post.

Now, there are those who believe that there’s a heaven, and there are those who don’t. And that’s perfectly fine, I have no problem with people who do not believe in heaven. To each their own. But to all of you who do believe that there’s a heaven, just remember that it is going to be different not just for you, but everyone else.

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