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Religion in Schools

Time and time again, there has been protests about religion being taught in schools. Parents get outraged over what their kids are learning in school. Or teachers just simply don’t like the idea of religious classes taking place inside the school.
If a student can learn about the scientific point of view of how the earth was made, then religious classes should be able to take place. Students should be able to learn about all of the religions from around the world. If they don’t, then they are not getting enough education. Growing up, I didn’t have a class where I got to learn about different religions. Instead, I went to the school library and sat in a corner with hundreds of books all around me. I learned about every religion known to man. I learned about the ancient teachings and also learned about the new religions. I learned so much about other cultures. It was invigorating. I couldn’t stop learning. I just kept reading and reading.
And I want every child, no, scratch that, every body from teens to adults to learn about different religions. Otherwise, you are so closed in that you will start to become paranoid about every little detail that you hear.

I understand that when it comes to schools teaching about other religions, you might get a little confused and slightly paranoid. Because you don’t know exactly what the teacher will be saying about that religion. But that’s why there is a curriculum of what the teacher is able to talk about. They can talk about the achievements of each religion, and they can also talk about the bad side to it as well. But if you keep up with the shenanigans of pulling your child out of school just because you don’t understand something, then that’s your fault. Not the schools fault.

I think it’s about time that there is a class where it just goes over world religions. Introduce the kids to what is really out there. Show them that there is over a hundred religions and each of them have a rich background.
Science is a class that’s constantly being taught, so why can’t religion?

3 thoughts on “Religion in Schools

  1. If we teach religion as part of human history then yes, it is an important part of history and it should be taught. The problem with religious classes at most schools, is that the teacher doesn’t teach, he/she preaches. They talk about the virgin birth and the talking snake and Noah’s ark and all than fictitious nonsense (as far as I’m concerned) like it’s absolute truth. I think it’s very difficult to teach religion in an objective way. But it’s not impossible if we’re careful what we say to kids, and if we can do it, I agree we should. Also, putting science and religion on the same level, I believe is a mistake. Science is based on facts, tangible observations, laws that can be demonstrated. There isn’t a single flinch in any scientific work, or else it gets immediately dismissed. Teaching religion as part of a history class is perfectly okay and should be encouraged, but teaching it to kind of “balance out” all the science and all the logic is idiotic. Religions are myths created by a bunch of illiterate people hundreds and thousands of years ago to explain a universe that we are now much much closer to understanding thanks to, well, again, science. So, no, they’re not on the same level, and they shouldn’t be taught as two equally reasonable explanations of how the world was created (for example the way certain schools oppose evolution which is scientific fact and the story of Adam and Eve)


    1. Yes, I agree with you that religions are nonsense. They are man made, but I have no say in what a person wants to believe. So to each their own.
      I know what you mean when a teacher preaches. I’ve seen it time and time again. But there’s a specific guideline that teachers have to follow if they were to actually teach the subject.
      I’m the type of person who believes in God but can also see the scientific point of view. It’s easy for me to balance it out between the two subjects. This is why I’m spiritual, not religious. I believe you can find some truth in both subjects (just to let you know, I’m constantly doing my own research on subjects just like this). As part of being in a part of a history class is perfectly fine by me, we wouldn’t necessarily have to just have a single class for it, just as long as kids are able to learn something new.
      I’m not fully agreeing with you, but I’m not disagreeing with you. I just see it is a probable solution to this insane problem that goes on in schools.

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