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A Zen Life (Key to Living Simply)

I’m just like any other human being. I deal with stress, work overload, numerous projects always going on, and trying to find the Mr. Forever, not the Mr. Right Now. So yes, I deal with stress from time to time.
But everyday I get asked, “How do you look so calm? You must not deal with stress”.
On the contrary, I deal with stress everyday. I just end up dealing with stress in a completely different way from most people. I either end up meditating, writing songs and poetry, or spending time out in nature. I live a zen life. I look at the bright side of life.
Yes, I know life gets rough.
I’ve dealt with death, bullies, work stress, among many other things.
I just learn to deal with the good and the bad parts of life in a more affective way.

In my everyday life, I tend to show a calm exterior. And that raises a lot of questions from others. I constantly see others stressed. They tend to just let the stress get to them and never deal with it.
Which brings me to this.
Always set at least 30 minutes to an hour for yourself. Do something that you want to do that relaxes you and makes you feel more zen. Go for a hike, ski, meditate, garden, read a book. Anything that will make you extremely calm and stress free.
It’s worth it.
You don’t need to be stressed to the max everyday of your life, not with it.

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