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Sexy Modest

Every woman is entitled to having their own fashion style. I have no problem with what you wear. But there’s a problem that I continue to face everyday. I keep hearing women complain about men cat-calling, whistling, and grabbing them inappropriately. Whenever I hear a woman complain about the situation, the first thing I do is look at what they are wearing. Now keep in mind, I’m not judging what they are wearing. Heavens no. But what a person wears usually tends to attract the wrong type of people.
If the clothes that a woman is wearing is extremely tight and shows almost every inch of your body, it’s basically an invitation for all the unwanted attention. Now, I know what you are going to say.
“That’s ridiculous, I am not trying to gain all of this attention.”
Subconsciously, you are doing this. You honestly can’t tell what you are doing when you are putting clothes on first thing in the morning.

Even though you may like that short pink skirt, guys will see it as an invitation to stare and grope. The best thing to do is to make your style more modest. Keep your own fashion style but just make it more modest. Instead of having men staring at your assets, make them look at the entire package. Make them look at your personality, your inner and outer beauty.

I believe in the sexy modest style.
I incorporate my zen bohemian style and create it more modest like. I believe that the clothes should highlight someone’s curves but also leave a lot to the imagination. So ladies, here’s a little advice to keep the guys at bay and let them see you for you, and not for your body. Start using the sexy modest style. It will look stunning, especially with your own sense of style incorporated.

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