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Eros, Filios, and Agape Love


In the Greek language, there are three types of love. Eros, which is erotic/romantic love. Filio, brotherly love. And Agape, universal love.
Not many people know of all of these types love.
The most common type of love is Filio. This type of love is usually best reserved for family and friends, the ones that you hold near and dear to your heart. I have Filio love for all of my family members, even if they get on my nerves half of the time.
All three of these types of love is extremely important. The romantic love, Eros, is extremely important when it comes to finding your true love. Filio’s is very important, especially when establishing friendships and families. Agape, the biggest one of them all. Agape is extremely important.
Agape is universal love. The type of love that is to help the world. To spread peace and love around the world.
This type of love is amazing. It’s just as fulfilling as Eros and Filio.
I would like everyone to acknowledge all three of these types of love.
Spread peace and love everyone around you. Regardless of your differences.

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