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Our Sex-Crazed Generation


50 Shades of Grey, No Stings Attached, American Pie, Love and other Drugs; these are just a few movies from our generation that shamelessly shows sex all the time. It shows our generation that having casual sex is ten times better than being in a loving committed relationship. On top of that, we have songs playing on the radio that talks about sucking, licking, blowing, and “going down on each other” all the time. Very rarely will there be a decent song that’s about love and commitment.

I’m just like every other human being out there. I crave closeness, intimacy, sex. But call me old fashioned, but I think that when it comes to making love, I have to be in a committed loving relationship in order to even go that far with a man. I could never do casual sex, that is just not who I am. Sex is supposed to be a beautiful thing. It should not be displayed. Your private parts are for you and your partner. Not for the rest of the world to see. There was a moment a long time ago when a picture was sent out and family and friends had seen it, which I still feel horrible about but I’ve moved on.

For all of those who want the no strings attached, they are crazy. Yes, I called them crazy. I’m sorry but no person in their right mind wants a no strings attached type of relationship with someone. Because deep down, everyone wants someone to be close to and share that intimacy with a special person.
But at this point, our society is too sex crazed and not even giving committed loving relationships a try. Everyone just keeps jumping from one person to the next, It’s like a herpe central station. Not only is it unhealthy, but it destroys the sanctity of sex. I’m not judging, I’m just distraught by how everyone is acting. The way that everyone just treats sex as if it isn’t a special thing. But sex is a special thing.
So special. It is the most intimate thing in the world that must be shared with only someone that you truly love. And not just hand it out on a silver platter.

My point of this whole post is this: I wish everyone would view sex and relationships differently. View it as a bond that is between two people who love each other. Sex is a beautiful thing. I find it beautiful. But I know that it is supposed to be between two people who love each other so much. A bit of advice my friends: stop blowing off relationships. Everyone deserves so much more than a one night stand.

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