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An Herbalist Advice: Passion Flower


      Aw, Passion Flower. Such a beautiful flower. Such a strong healing flower. Passion Flower is best used for those who have insomnia. If you have a hard time going to sleep, Passion Flower is the best flower to digest. Now, it’s not to be taken lightly. This flower is very strong it can knock a grown adult out for a few hours.
    As a night owl, I never use this unless it is the weekend and during the day, so I can take a nap.
    In order to take this flower, you will have to chop up the flower. All of the flower; leaves, petals, and stem. Once the flower is chopped up, you will have to let it dry while the water is boiling. You will use only one teaspoon of dried herbs for every one cup of boiling water. Drink the flower tea and let it make its way through your system. Within 30 minutes, the flower tea will make you extremely tired and you are able to sleep like a baby.
      This flower is amazing and tastes great. Not only that, it is just perfect drink for a good night’s sleep.

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An Herbalist Advice: Prunella Vulgaris


       Prunella Vulgaris is a beautiful plant indeed, but the things that it can heal is amazing. Prunella Vulgaris, also known as Self Heal, best used for women who are pregnant, nursing, menopausal, and also post-menopausal.
     The reason why this flower is perfect for those who are pregnant, nursing or going through menopause is due to the fact that the Prunella Vulgaris is packed with calcium and minerals. Calcium and minerals are extremely important, especially when one is going through these things.
      Once you have received this flower, you will chop up the top of the flower. Chop the purple leaves and also half of the stem. Once you have done this, put the flower in a salad. You will eat the flower and it will slowly make its way through your system. This flower will help your pregnancy run smoothly. And it will calm down the symptoms of menopause.
       Prunella Vulgaris is also used to heal wounds, infections and ulcers. In order to use the flower for these problems, you will have to chop the leaves off of the flower and ground it with a tablespoon of alcohol. It will form a light paste. Once this paste has formed, put just a little bit of it on the area.
      When it comes to finding this flower, it is best to look for it during the spring and summer time. You can find it anywhere in Europe, Asia and North America. More likely found in the meadows and forests.

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An Herbalist Advice: Introduction


        Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with the ancient healings. And to this day, I still am. Researching and studying plants and flowers for years has definitely paid off. I’ve learned from medicine men and also learned on my own. And the things that I have learned has definitely purified my body naturally. As an herbalist, I want to help others maintain healthy systems. One day, I hope to have my own herbal shop.
      Sadly though, everyone in this society is too addicted to the pain pills and getting prescriptions from the doctor rather than actually be seen and receive care holistically. Every now and then I will be posting some tips on how to live a healthier life and how to use natural herbs to survive and heal.

      This first post I will talk about a particular plant. The plant that I will be talking about is called the Gallium Aparine, which is also known as Cleavers. This plant is used to heal many things. But the major thing that it heals is the lymphatic system. Once the Gallium Aparine heals the lymphatic system, it will relieve PMS symptoms, swollen breasts, and also any allergic reactions one might suffer. When you have taken this plant, you will chop about 2/3 of the plant and mix it with a bit of alcohol to liquify it. Once it has been made, you will only use 15 drops. If your system is very bad, then you will use the drops every 3 hours. If your lymphatic system is actually pretty decent, then you will only use it as needed. When you experience harsh PMS symptoms, swollen breasts and severe allergic reactions. Keep in mind, if you are unable to keep your allergic reactions maintained, then please go straight to the emergency room.


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Creating A Creative Space


       Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it’s undeniable, you need a place that you can call your own. Almost every man out there has a man cave. A place where they can watch sports or hang out with their friends. Or they have a shed or some sort of outdoor shelter where they can work on the vehicles or other projects. I’m not saying that these are the only things that guys focus on, but they are the most common. For women, there are plenty of places that they can create to make their own. Libraries, study areas, painting rooms. The ideas are endless.

    The reason for a place to call your own is so you can relax. Have some “me time”. Let your creative juices flow.

    The entire time I was growing up, my parents put a desk in my room so I could focus on my writing and get creative. It was antique desk that had a lid that rolled down and was made out of wood. I put the desk in the corner of my room and placed paper, pens, journals, and some unique trinkets that I had been collecting. From my seat, I could see out the window and see the mountain that blocked the view to the town. This area of my room was my favorite. I wrote so many poems and even wrote my very first short novel. Whenever I was at my desk, my parents would leave me alone and let me focus on my writings.

      Now, that I am in my 20’s and living on my own, I still have a place that I can call “my own”. No, I don’t have a desk. Instead, I use my bed as a desk to write my poems and books. Yes, it is comfortable. And yes, all of my books are stored all over my room. But I can say that for now, this is the best thing that I can use to call my creative space. I can honestly say that it is important to have a creative space for herself. Extremely important. Find an area of your place, whether it be a corner or even a room, and create a creative space for you.

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Types of Intelligence


     Everyone on this planet is smart. I can say that with full confidence. There are those who are not geniuses like Albert Einstein, but nevertheless, they are smart. That being said, everyone has their own areas that they excel at.

      Linguistic, existential, and intrapersonal are my areas that I am great in. I’ve always been great with writing how I feel and not only that, but I have been very good at writing short stories for class assignments. I’m not being cocky, nor am I really bragging. I am just confident in what I know about myself. Being intrapersonal is about being self aware and reflecting/thinking about everything around you. Thinking about what goes on in the world around you and understanding who you are as a person. I’ve always done better at working alone and write freely. I like to ask “why we are here and where will we end up?”, all the time.

    My brother on the other hand is completely different when it comes to his areas. My brother has an insanely high IQ. I have a high IQ as well, but I have more anxiety issues than he does when it comes to testing. My brother’s areas are physical, mathematics, and interpersonal. He has always done better at working with his hands and working with others. Not only that, he has always excelled in math classes. Whereas, I needed some tutoring in that area.

    There was this kid who I went to school with, he is about my brothers age. The sweetest kid in the world and had a learning disability. I worked with tutoring him in some of his classes that way he could pass. Although he has learning disability, he definitely is smart. He has always been excellent in the spatial area, which is visualizing. That is his area of intelligence.

    As you can see, everyone is smart. There are different levels of intelligence and also different areas of intelligence that others excel at.
What are your areas? What did you excel at? Did you know that the areas that you excel at help you with finding the perfect career?

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Black Eyes (Poem)


*This is the first poem that I’ve ever posted on here. I’ve always been a writer, more specifically poet and decided that I wanted to share this with you.*

As I stare into the murky waters below my feet,
I sense a pair of eyes staring at me.
For some unknown reason I don’t understand what came over me,
I looked up and saw two black eyes peering from the murky waters.

Closing my eyes, I prayed that I was imagining.
Opened my eyes and the two black eyes were a few inches away from me.
I glanced towards the river bank,
staring at the black cherry tree.
Wishing that I could escape the stare of the black eyes.
But nothing would rescue me,
For I felt something lick my leg.
Frozen still, my skin went pale.
I could feel myself shaking.
Another lick upon my leg,
At this point I don’t know what to think.

Out of nowhere, something wraps itself around my leg.
I’m pulled down by a great force.
Under the water I can’t breathe.
And there is no hope to be free.
Suffocating and water pouring down my throat.
I awake to see a person staring at me.
I look at my reflection in the water.
I now have black eyes and I am part of the murky waters.

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      I will be the first to admit that I’m not “normal”. I’m eccentric and a tad bit unorthodox, my family and friends can vouch for that. I’m not like most 23 year olds, and I’m perfectly content with that.
     But the problem that I tend to see in our society is that we should act and dress like a normal person. I’m sorry, but in my eyes, no one is normal. I can’t find a single “normal” person around. On top of that, what is considered “normal”? Webster’s dictionary states that normal is, ” conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.” Apparently our society is stating that in order for everyone to be normal is to look put together fashionably, mentally, and also have a high paying job. But I’m sorry, no one is normal if we are going by this sort of definition.

      As I looked at that definition, I cringed when I saw the word conform. Conform? Who would want to do that? I would never in a million years conform to our society’s definition or way of living. I am who I am. And I rather be myself than be some cookie cutter type of person. Like I said before, our society thinks that everyone should be put together fashionably, as well as mentally and have a stable job. If you look in my closets, you will see more books and movies than clothes. I don’t wear what is considered normal and fashionable. My clothes range from being inspired by the 20’s to the 30’s, outdoorsy, renaissance/Grecian, and hippie. I am not the most girly girl in the world. There’s no makeup in my bathroom, the only thing I have is lip balm, lotion, and sunblock. I can’t put makeup on due to many reasons, one is that I’m allergic to the chemicals in the products and also I just don’t know how to put it on. The amount of books and movies that I have tends to astound people. I care more about my books and movies than my clothes. I would rather watch a classic movie than go shopping for clothes. One of the many things that sets me apart from every other adult are the things that I have and things that I like to do. My collections are made of nautical pieces from the ancient world including the astrolabe, stamps from other countries, philosophy books, maps of the old world, among other things. I would rather spend time gardening, hiking, studying plants and flowers, watching documentaries, camping, read, write, paint, study the ocean and mythology. When I see a new documentary on Netflix, I get so excited that I jump up and down. When I hear that there is a renaissance fair near me, I get giddy and start finding an outfit to wear there. If you put a history book in front of me, then you might as well come back another day, because my attention will only be on that book.

   As you can see, no one is normal. Not even me. Our society is so wrapped up in trying to conform everyone. Just imagine a world if everyone was the same way. Wore the same thing. Thought the same way. Our world would be completely boring and no one would be themselves. Don’t conform to fit in. It’s not worth it.