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Just Like King John


From April 1199 to October 1216, John Lackland was known as King John. He is best known for signing the Magna Carta and inspiring the legend of Robin Hood. Yet, he was also well known for his dark side. He was greedy, malicious, powerful, self-indulgent, tendencies of violent outbursts, and ruthless. He seduced his friends wives and daughters, he even had done this to his enemies. On top of that, he imprisoned anyone who stood up against him. Once he had imprisoned them, he would commit violent acts. He would do this to his own men, his own soldiers, his own nephew Arthur. King John had also waged war on the Jews. He had sided with the Muslims, and even tried to convert himself to Islam and tried to turn England into a Muslim State. Although it had never happened, the French however tried to take over the kingdom. King John wanted to wage war, but was unable to due to him passing away from alcoholism.

Fast forward to today. Who sounds just like this? Who is trying to convert the state into one religion? Who doesn’t allow everyone to believe in what they want to believe? That’s right. Barack Obama. Looking at these facts about King John and lining them up with President Obama, it is uncanny. Both are cruel. Both are liars. Both wanted to convert to one religion. And both waged war on the Jews. I’m not afraid to call him out. To show the world who he is just like. To show the uncanny personality similarities between these two men. Most people are afraid to stand up to anyone. Especially someone who is in a higher power. But I am not. I have no problem pointing out those who are evil. Those who only want to wage war on there own people and on others.

I’ve said this in the past and I shall say it once more: history repeats itself. It will always repeat itself, until someone changes it and turn it into something good for everyone.
I have friends from all walks of life. From all religions: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Aborigine, among many other religions and they get along. That’s because they show compassion towards each other and create peace among each other. And that’s the world we should be living in. A utopian society where all get along. Where history stops repeating and begins to start anew.

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