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Live Long And Prosper


On Friday February 27, 2015, beloved actor Leonard Nimoy passed away in his home due to complications of COPD. Many of us knew him from his role as Spock in the Star Trek movies. I was devastated when I had heard the news of his passing. I grew up watching the Star Trek movies, and loved Spock. He was my favorite character. And when the news broke about his passing, I got extremely sad and a bit more introverted than usual.

But what came more as a shock to me was the news that came later on Friday. Westboro Baptist Church had decided to picket the funeral of Mr. Nimoy.

Why? “you ask.
The only reason why they are picketing his funeral is due to the fact that Mr. Nimoy protected the gay rights of his fellow actors George Takei and Zachary Quinto, who he treated like brothers and best friends. Another reason was due to the fact that Mr. Nimoy was friends with William Shatner. The Westboro Baptist Church people believed that William Shatner hated God. Which I find ridiculous. Last time I checked Mr. Shatner is Jewish. It’s insane to even think a Jewish man hates God.

Here we are again, another attempt for the Christian extremists to ruin a peaceful time to mourn the loss of a beloved man. The people that are associated with the Westboro Baptist Church are constantly taking things one to far. They even picket soldiers who have recently passed and are being put six feet under. Yes, they have the right to believe in whatever they want. But, they do not have the right to stop a funeral that is in session, while the family members and friends mourns their loss. That’s invasion of privacy. Not only that, they do not have the right to force others to believe in their views. That’s actually illegal.

To end this post, I would like to say that I’m so sorry for Mr. Nimoy’s family. I’m praying for all of you. And to all of the Star Trek fans out there, he will live forever in our hearts.

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