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Every Shape And Size Is Beautiful


As I scroll through pinterest looking for recipes, workout ideas, interior decor, among many other things; I continue to see a rising problem that our society deals with in the beauty world. I see girls posting “thinspo” and guys posting body builder pictures on pinterest. With these photos they put comments such as “fat is ugly, thin is better” or “I hope to get big muscles”.
It makes me sad every time when I read those comments anywhere on the internet. I believe that everyone should embrace the body that they have and love who they are. I believe that every shape and size is beautiful.
Tall or short, skinny or voluptuous, thigh gap or thick thighs, thick waist or thin waist; all of these are beautiful.
I have friends who are taller than me, (which wouldn’t take much), and have an hourglass figure. Then I have friends who are shorter, have a fuller bust with thick waist and hips. All of them are incredibly beautiful. All of my guy friends are beautiful as well. I have guy friends who are extremely skinny, due to genetics. And I have guy friends who are fit and muscles bulging or have a pot belly. All of them are handsome just the way they are.

I used to weigh 205 lbs, and for my 5’4″ frame that wasn’t really good. You actually couldn’t tell that was my weight. You could definitely tell that I had thick thighs, calves and round butt. After losing the weight, I maintained my true body shape. I still have thick thighs and calves. My bottom is shaped like the letter C. To this day, I still don’t have that flat stomach everyone wants to have. Instead I have a thick waist and 34 C bust. My body is always going to be muscular, it was that way when I was overweight and it is still muscular to this day. I don’t have the body of a runway model nor do I have the body of a body builder. This is because my body is my own. I can never have the thigh gap, and I never want to. I would rather have my thick thighs and slight curved hips (skittle body shape). On top of that, I do have stretch marks. It’s part of who I am and my journey.

Here is the thing, I am perfectly fine with someone who wants to get healthy and just tone up. That’s no problem at all. But I believe that everyone should love their body and embrace it. I’ve always believed that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And that’s the truth. You shouldn’t try to lose all the weight just to “fit in”. It’s not worth it. Not worth it at all.
Please love your body and embrace every aspect of yourself. It’s not vanity. It’s called taking care of yourself and loving who you are.

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