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Your Hearts Desire


Everyone that surrounds me is always hustling and bustling up and down the highways going to work or picking their children. Not giving a moment to themselves. It’s always work or taking care of everyone else but themselves. 8 to 5 jobs, board meetings, after school sports or extracurricular activities, bringing work home. It’s a never ending cycle for most people.
Everyday I constantly have to remind everyone to stop and take a breath. Take a moment for themselves. Do something that they want to do just for them. It’s not selfish. It’s something that you need to do at least three times a week to keep one sane. Pick up a hobby, everyone needs to have a couple of hobbies. Or find events that you like to attend. I know that with your busy schedule that it will be hard to find time for yourself, but it is important to make time for yourself. Extremely important.

What are your hobbies? What makes you calm and happy? What events do you like to attend? For once, do something for you.

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