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Abuse Vs Discipline


       In my last post I had covered abusive relationships. More specifically, abusive relationships between two partners. This time I’m going to go over the differences between raising a child with either discipline or abuse.
      In today’s society, it is frowned upon to spank your child or even discipline them. If someone sees a parent spanking their child then Child Protective Services are called right on the spot. Everyone is starting to take things one to far. Unlike most parents nowadays, I know for a fact that children need to have discipline. They need to learn how to respect their parents, elders, teachers, and everyone around them. Have you seen children nowadays? They have no discipline. They are running around getting hooked on heroin, getting knocked up at 15, disrespecting their parents and elders, ditching school, talking back to their guardians. That’s without discipline. Kids today need to have some discipline in their lives. If they have disrespected someone, then spank them. If your child is hooked on heroin, then you need to step up as a parent and get them off of it and discipline them. Now, I’m not saying that you need to beat the crap out of them. That’s actually abuse.
      Abuse is a whole other story. Abuse is dragging your child down the hall by the hair or beating the crap of them to the point of bruises on every inch of their skin with several broken bones. That’s taking it way too far. I’ve seen parents beat the crap out of their own child. And now, their children can be found in prison or are now dead due to having problems with their drug dealers.
        Do you see the difference? Do you actually see that kids need discipline to live in this society? Do you see what happens when you abuse your child? The consequences that come with both not having discipline and being abused are insane. I can tell you this, if my kids (don’t have any at the moment) ever talked back to me or even robbed a bank, I will discipline them. I will spank them and make them stay in jail if they had done anything wrong. Yes, I will love them no matter what, but they will have to suffer the consequences for their actions. I know that children need to have discipline in their lives. Most parents today don’t understand that. They just either let them get away with whatever they want or beat the crap out of them.
       Parents take a long hard look at your children. Are they disciplined? If not, then start. Are you abusing your children? If so, then that’s your fault. Stop directing your anger towards your child. Get your butt to the closes rehab and counselor and get help. It’s not that hard. If you are abusing your children, think about what they are going to end up like. Think about the scars that you are leaving on them emotionally, physically and mentally.
       It’s time for our children to have discipline in their lives, not abuse.

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