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Chivalry Is Important


      Call me old fashioned, but I believe that chivalry is still out there. No, not everyone is practicing chivalry, but I know a few people who do practice it. I’ve seen some of my guy friends opening up the car door for their partner (woman or man), pull out the chair and wait for them to sit down. Isn’t that sweet and nice? I think so.
     But here is the problem, chivalry is definitely starting to die. Why? Why is chivalry dying? There’s no reason for this to happen. I do know why chivalry is starting to die down. Our society. That’s why. Our society is basically telling everyone to stop courting someone or something along those lines. Instead, everyone is just texting one another at 2 am asking for some booty call.
      It may seem like I am directing this post towards men only, but I’m not. This also is directed towards women as well. Women, let me say this, if you want a man to treat you with respect and court you properly, then you must act a little lady like and show him respect in return. It’s not that hard to do. In fact, if you, as a woman, want a prince then you must set your standards high and learn how to respect yourself and him. All the men who are reading this post, it’s time to stop treating women as a piece of meat. We are not some slice of meat that you can select at your butcher shop. We are women. We have feelings. Men, if you want the woman of your dreams then you need to treat her with respect, court her, love her, show her off to the world as your wonderful partner. Women, if you want that prince (or princess) that you have been dreaming about since you were a kid, then you must have respect not only for yourself, but also for your partner.
      Rugged, tall, thick beard, tattoos, has a job that he loves, animal lover, nature lover. That is my dream prince. But you know what I find sexy. The man who respects his mom and is close to his family and friends. That is sexy to me. Respect for his mom. If a man respects his mom, then he is going to respect me as a human being. Wouldn’t you want that other person to respect you and show you love, and not treat you like meat? I know I would.
     It’s time to being chivalry back into our society. Romance is beautiful. It is supposed to be sensual. It’s supposed to be between two people who are undeniably in love with each other. Romance and chivalry is extremely important in a relationship.

3 thoughts on “Chivalry Is Important

  1. Hi! Great post! I really enjoyed your article. I totally agree with your four points. Chivalry seemed to have lost its true meaning due to a rise of individualistic values. In no way does chivalry implies sexism. I am an old fashioned person as well and I often gets criticized for that. Gallantry and gentleman are not outdated, they signifies respect, politeness and confidence. Once again good job! You should check out my article on Chivalry 2.0 at I would greatly appreciate feedback from you. Take care xo


    1. I would never criticize you for being old fashioned. I think it is amazing if you are old fashioned. Thank you for your kind compliments! I will definitely check out your post and give you some feedback. Take care dear, xo.


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