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Stop Recording and Stop The Fights


YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; all these social media sites are used to stay in contact with old friends, family and colleagues. Another thing that these sites are used for is viewing videos that everyone posts. One of the most common videos that is posted on these social media sites are of people fighting. Fighting over what exactly? Useless crap, that’s what the fights are about.
People, more specifically teenagers, are fighting non-stop while onlookers just stay there and watch or even video tape the fight. I would just like to say that those who just watch the fight or even video tape it are no better than the bully who started the whole thing.
Instead of video taping the fight, stop that fight and pull the fighters apart. The teenagers who are acting like this, who are fighting, video taping, and even watching are all cowards. Yes, cowards. There’s no reason for these fights to even occur. Even more so, there is no reason for these videos to even pop up on the internet.
From now on, you put down the camera and stop the fight. 

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