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Almost 50th Anniversary


        (Scene from the first episode)

    As of right now, on March 21, 2015, it has been 49 years since the last episode of The Addams Family graced everyone with its appearance. Now, I didn’t grow up in the sixties but I sure do wish I was a child of the sixties. The Addams Family, The Munsters, Little Lulu were the greatest television shows of all time, along with M.A.S.H, The Andy Griffith Show and I Love Lucy, among many others. 
     To me, these shows represent a lost time. A time when you could turn on the television on a Saturday morning and watch these shows with your families. Yes there were cartoon shows, but they were not like the ones from today. Little Lulu, Yogi Bear, The Jetsons, among many other cartoon shows were the hit television shows. These cartoons were, and still are, amazing to this day. I will actually hold myself up in my apartment on certain nights and weekends and just watch the classic shows and movies. I’m the type of 23 year old woman that would rather watch classic television shows and movies, than watch more modern things. I’m not going to lie, I do watch some modern shows but I’m extremely picky. Seinfeld, Doc McStuffins, Little Bill, Friends, The Tudors, Merlin, How I Met Your Mother, Golden Girls, Ellen, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, Boomerang Channel, Turner Classic Movie Channel, Hallmark and sometimes ID T. V., these are the major shows or channels that I watch. The only time that I watch ESPN is when it is baseball season (Go Yankees and Rockies!).
       I’ve noticed that teenagers of today are so wrapped up in shows that deal with Sixteen and Pregnant or shows that teach them to show off every inch of their skin. I wish that these shows were not a big hit with the kids and teens of today. Instead of worrying about what trend is going to come about from the modern shows, the kids and teens need to watch something that has a great plot line, comedy, uniqueness, and a bit of a dark sense of humor. The Addams Family television show from 1964-1966,   not the ’90s movies with Christina Ricci (great movies by the way), are entertaining and make me laugh all the time, no matter how many times I’ve seen the series. John Astin, (who is the step-dad of actor Sean Astin), Carolyn Jones, Blossom Rock, Ted Cassidy, and Jackie Coogan did an outstanding job in the series. They brought the dark sense of humor to the scene and they did it gracefully. Granted that I have a bit of an odd dark sense of humor, I find these classic shows more enticing.
Everyone has their own taste, more power to them. But I think the kids and teens need to explore the lost era of television.

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