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Expression of Oneself


         (“The Other Side”, Loni Hoots)

    Everyone has their own way to express themselves. For some, it is dancing, acting, or writing songs. For me, it is painting and writing poetry and short novels.
I’ve always seen it as important to express yourself in a healthy way. Instead of binge drinking and gambling away money, picking up a pencil or even a theater class is a healthier way to do it.
Being an introvert definitely has its perks when it comes to expressing myself. I can hide out in a cabin or my own place and just work on my passions. My ideas will start to spill out onto the canvas or I will be able to write half a book within a weekend. This lets me be me.
   Have you found something that you can express yourself in? Is it acting, fashion, singing, photography? Think about it, once you find a hobby that you can express yourself in, you will be able to go deep inside your mind and explore your emotions and inner most thoughts. 

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