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Teachers And Their Students


   When you look at this picture, you would say that she is a “beautiful young lady with her life ahead of her”. However you would probably not think that she would be convicted of having sexual relations with her students.
The young lady in the mugshot is 27 year old, Jennifer Marie Perry. She is a English high school teacher at Pinson Valley High. She is married, but has no kids. The only thing that would be considered her kids, is her three dogs that her and her husband have.

Recently, this young teacher turned herself into the local police station after she had jacked off a 17 year old student on the school’s ground after hours. Now, I don’t know how far this teacher and the student had gone, but no teacher should ever have sexual relations with a student. For one, that is called, statutory rape. Secondly, the teacher would be risking his or her position as a teacher if they were to have sexual relations with a student of theirs. If I found a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student, I would get them fired immediately and put in prison.

   Here’s the sad thing though. All over Facebook, there are guys saying, “Where was she when I was in school?” And “I would tear that p***y up!” No, no, no! I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. When a male teacher does something like this, everyone jumps down his throat and everyone wants to beat him up. But once a female teacher does this, she is hated by women but loved by men. Not only that, men wish that they were that student and having sex with the teacher. It’s a double standard and I’m sick of it. It’s not “hot” when a teacher has a sexual relations with a student. Sure, the fantasy is nice when you are role-playing with your significant other, but the reality of it is pretty disturbing and unethical.
The amount of sexual predators in these schools is astounding and disturbing at the same time. From now on, anyone who wants to be a teacher needs to have a thorough background check and also do a full evaluation of their mind and personality. That’s how I’m feeling about this whole situation.

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