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      I will be the first to admit that I’m not “normal”. I’m eccentric and a tad bit unorthodox, my family and friends can vouch for that. I’m not like most 23 year olds, and I’m perfectly content with that.
     But the problem that I tend to see in our society is that we should act and dress like a normal person. I’m sorry, but in my eyes, no one is normal. I can’t find a single “normal” person around. On top of that, what is considered “normal”? Webster’s dictionary states that normal is, ” conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.” Apparently our society is stating that in order for everyone to be normal is to look put together fashionably, mentally, and also have a high paying job. But I’m sorry, no one is normal if we are going by this sort of definition.

      As I looked at that definition, I cringed when I saw the word conform. Conform? Who would want to do that? I would never in a million years conform to our society’s definition or way of living. I am who I am. And I rather be myself than be some cookie cutter type of person. Like I said before, our society thinks that everyone should be put together fashionably, as well as mentally and have a stable job. If you look in my closets, you will see more books and movies than clothes. I don’t wear what is considered normal and fashionable. My clothes range from being inspired by the 20’s to the 30’s, outdoorsy, renaissance/Grecian, and hippie. I am not the most girly girl in the world. There’s no makeup in my bathroom, the only thing I have is lip balm, lotion, and sunblock. I can’t put makeup on due to many reasons, one is that I’m allergic to the chemicals in the products and also I just don’t know how to put it on. The amount of books and movies that I have tends to astound people. I care more about my books and movies than my clothes. I would rather watch a classic movie than go shopping for clothes. One of the many things that sets me apart from every other adult are the things that I have and things that I like to do. My collections are made of nautical pieces from the ancient world including the astrolabe, stamps from other countries, philosophy books, maps of the old world, among other things. I would rather spend time gardening, hiking, studying plants and flowers, watching documentaries, camping, read, write, paint, study the ocean and mythology. When I see a new documentary on Netflix, I get so excited that I jump up and down. When I hear that there is a renaissance fair near me, I get giddy and start finding an outfit to wear there. If you put a history book in front of me, then you might as well come back another day, because my attention will only be on that book.

   As you can see, no one is normal. Not even me. Our society is so wrapped up in trying to conform everyone. Just imagine a world if everyone was the same way. Wore the same thing. Thought the same way. Our world would be completely boring and no one would be themselves. Don’t conform to fit in. It’s not worth it.

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