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Types of Intelligence


     Everyone on this planet is smart. I can say that with full confidence. There are those who are not geniuses like Albert Einstein, but nevertheless, they are smart. That being said, everyone has their own areas that they excel at.

      Linguistic, existential, and intrapersonal are my areas that I am great in. I’ve always been great with writing how I feel and not only that, but I have been very good at writing short stories for class assignments. I’m not being cocky, nor am I really bragging. I am just confident in what I know about myself. Being intrapersonal is about being self aware and reflecting/thinking about everything around you. Thinking about what goes on in the world around you and understanding who you are as a person. I’ve always done better at working alone and write freely. I like to ask “why we are here and where will we end up?”, all the time.

    My brother on the other hand is completely different when it comes to his areas. My brother has an insanely high IQ. I have a high IQ as well, but I have more anxiety issues than he does when it comes to testing. My brother’s areas are physical, mathematics, and interpersonal. He has always done better at working with his hands and working with others. Not only that, he has always excelled in math classes. Whereas, I needed some tutoring in that area.

    There was this kid who I went to school with, he is about my brothers age. The sweetest kid in the world and had a learning disability. I worked with tutoring him in some of his classes that way he could pass. Although he has learning disability, he definitely is smart. He has always been excellent in the spatial area, which is visualizing. That is his area of intelligence.

    As you can see, everyone is smart. There are different levels of intelligence and also different areas of intelligence that others excel at.
What are your areas? What did you excel at? Did you know that the areas that you excel at help you with finding the perfect career?

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