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An Herbalist Advice: Prunella Vulgaris


       Prunella Vulgaris is a beautiful plant indeed, but the things that it can heal is amazing. Prunella Vulgaris, also known as Self Heal, best used for women who are pregnant, nursing, menopausal, and also post-menopausal.
     The reason why this flower is perfect for those who are pregnant, nursing or going through menopause is due to the fact that the Prunella Vulgaris is packed with calcium and minerals. Calcium and minerals are extremely important, especially when one is going through these things.
      Once you have received this flower, you will chop up the top of the flower. Chop the purple leaves and also half of the stem. Once you have done this, put the flower in a salad. You will eat the flower and it will slowly make its way through your system. This flower will help your pregnancy run smoothly. And it will calm down the symptoms of menopause.
       Prunella Vulgaris is also used to heal wounds, infections and ulcers. In order to use the flower for these problems, you will have to chop the leaves off of the flower and ground it with a tablespoon of alcohol. It will form a light paste. Once this paste has formed, put just a little bit of it on the area.
      When it comes to finding this flower, it is best to look for it during the spring and summer time. You can find it anywhere in Europe, Asia and North America. More likely found in the meadows and forests.

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