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Creating A Creative Space


       Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it’s undeniable, you need a place that you can call your own. Almost every man out there has a man cave. A place where they can watch sports or hang out with their friends. Or they have a shed or some sort of outdoor shelter where they can work on the vehicles or other projects. I’m not saying that these are the only things that guys focus on, but they are the most common. For women, there are plenty of places that they can create to make their own. Libraries, study areas, painting rooms. The ideas are endless.

    The reason for a place to call your own is so you can relax. Have some “me time”. Let your creative juices flow.

    The entire time I was growing up, my parents put a desk in my room so I could focus on my writing and get creative. It was antique desk that had a lid that rolled down and was made out of wood. I put the desk in the corner of my room and placed paper, pens, journals, and some unique trinkets that I had been collecting. From my seat, I could see out the window and see the mountain that blocked the view to the town. This area of my room was my favorite. I wrote so many poems and even wrote my very first short novel. Whenever I was at my desk, my parents would leave me alone and let me focus on my writings.

      Now, that I am in my 20’s and living on my own, I still have a place that I can call “my own”. No, I don’t have a desk. Instead, I use my bed as a desk to write my poems and books. Yes, it is comfortable. And yes, all of my books are stored all over my room. But I can say that for now, this is the best thing that I can use to call my creative space. I can honestly say that it is important to have a creative space for herself. Extremely important. Find an area of your place, whether it be a corner or even a room, and create a creative space for you.

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