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Welcome to America Cholita!


       This beautiful Andean bear is named Cholita. She is coming from Peru all the way to Colorado. Cholita was originally in a circus where she was abused. Her hair was shaved off, her teeth smashed, nails removed. She was not only one to be treated like this, but she was the one to make headline news. I can honestly say that the circus people who were abusing Cholita are deadbeats. Yes, I called them deadbeats. When you abuse an animal, you are insulting me in the process. I love humans and want to protect them. But when it comes to animals, I take it harder and more personal. Animals are a big part of my life and every animal is considered a part of my family. I don’t care what someone says about this. I am extremely protective of every animal around this world. When I heard about Cholita was abused, my heart sank and rage filled my stomach. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to smack the circus people in the face and put them in their place. But since they are in Peru, I’m unable to.
       Yes, the circus seems like fun. Watching the clowns dance around (I hate clowns, they are freaky), watching the tight rope walkers and animals perform. But you don’t know how the animals are being treated. And yes, the staff was being mistreated as well, but this post is about the animals. In the circus and also some zoos and aquariums, the animals are being mistreated.
      I’m glad that Cholita is getting away from those who were abusing her.  She can now be in a safe environment and get better. She needs to feel loved and safe. Andean bears are endangered to becoming extinct. I want to save this bear and others like her. Don’t you?

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