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Reincarnation: Our Past Lives


      Most people have experienced déjà vu, and some have not. Some people have had visions or dreams of past lives or even things to come. But if someone were to mention that this has been going on then they would be out casted from their families, friends and co-workers. Back in the past, if anyone were to mention such a thing, then they would be accused of being a witch and would be burned at the stake. But since this is the 21st century, and I have a select few of friends, I could care less of how others judge me. Let me make this clear, I have thought about writing this post. Thought about for a few days and finally came to the conclusion to write this.
        I know that I have had several past lives. I’ve seen things that you could not imagine. People murdered for being just themselves. Civilizations destroyed and vanish. My dreams are not normal dreams, they are always of my past lives. Sometimes they will be good memories. Others that leave me waking up at odd hours with me sweating profusely. I’ve lived several lives and I have come to learn something. When you have come into a new life, you bring many things with you from your past lives. Your interests, hobbies, and tastes all reflect on your past lives. I’ve always been influenced by earth based spiritualism, Grecian and Middle Ages clothing, jazz, specific type of food and books. These have come from my past lives into this one. No, I’m not yanking your chain. I’m not trying to make you or myself a fool. I know this to be true.
         However, I know that there are those who are considered “newborns”. You have not had a past life. You have ascended from the heavens recently to learn something and to make a change in a different way.
        Have you ever been called an “old soul”, “sage”, “wise one”? I have. Several times. For the longest time growing up I didn’t understand why someone would call me those things. It made me feel like an outsider. And now, in my mid- 20’s, I feel perfectly fine as a outsider. I may not be like those who are my own age, but that’s perfectly fine. But think about it. Have you had visions or dreams of your past? If so, then pay attention. There’s a message hidden there. I know those who are in my family who are extremely religious are going to challenge me about this. And I don’t care. I’ve learned from many past lives, that those who don’t understand will challenge, are considered newborns. They have not had many lives in order to learn from the past to bring to the future.

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